Tiles and Traditions was created in pursuit of authentic solutions for flooring

that enhance the interiors our founder, Rita Racz has been creating for over a decade now.

Besides being ecologically friendly, it was important that the product carried an atmosphere

that complemented the highly renowned Belgian “landelijke” style.

She has found the manufacturer in the heart of Europe that perfectly fit her ideas:  

a small-scale studio where under the instructions of a highly talented artist

skilled craftspeople produce these unique cement tiles.

These products are eco-friendly, using natural ingredients coming right from the “earth”.

Cement tiles are not fired in a kiln like ceramic tiles thus the amount of energy used

in the manufacturing process is very low.

For coloring natural pigments are used so no harsh chemicals will affect the environment.

Our products are CE certified.

The fact that the company is in Europe overseas transportation is not needed 

thus local workers' families are supported.

We would like to share our passion with you in creating that special ambiance

echoing old world craftsmanship.

We offer our design expertise to help you realize the perfect design for your home or business.