Welcome to our artisan concrete tile collection where beauty lies in the timeless value of craftsmanship.

Our handcrafted tiles radiate an authentic and unique atmosphere of ancient times reminiscent of Tuscan colors.

Our mono colored cement tiles are cast into molds in  layers of three different grades of concrete  

by compressing at high pressure. Mineral pigments are used to color the top layer. 

As opposed to mass production each T&T  tile is handmade and slightly different to the next.

The colors are varied through each tile.

We are proud to present you our "Signature Collection" we call "compartment tiles". 

The different patterns within these tiles are made by manually applying the different colors

into a handmade copper  mold.

The tiles are durable and easy to maintain.

The fact that these tiles are produced by highly skillful artisans allows us to offer a unique, custom-design process resulting truly one-of-a-kind surfaces.